White Chocolate

white chocolate

As we settle down for the holidays, we are most likely snacking on our favorite treats and goodies, so I thought this would be the best time to enlighten you on one of the less thought about sweets, white chocolate.

White chocolate is made by taking the cocoa beans and grinding them up into a paste. The paste is made of cocoa solids and cocoa butter, which is generally the foundation of all chocolate. Now the brown cocoa solid is removed from the paste, which leaves the white chocolate with the cocoa butter. After this, a combination of sugar, milk, cream and vanilla are added to make white chocolate. (Beck, 2). Cocoa, the main ingredient of which chocolate is created, is said to have originated in the amazon rainforest nearly 4,000 years ago ( Klein, 1). The Aztecs valued the cocoa beans so much that they used them as currency and desserts such as their version of hot chocolate. (Klein, 3) Long on America’s most wanted list was the requested white invention that Europeans called white chocolate. Though white chocolate was popular in Europe and first introduced in Switzerland in the 1930’s it only gained popularity in the United States in 1984 (Sethi, 2).

For my final project, I decided to do a timeline of the history of white chocolate because I feel as if it is rarely mentioned when talking about chocolate. When most people think of chocolate’s history, they generally think of milk, Chocolate, or dark Chocolate. Surprisingly, white chocolate is my favorite type of chocolate, and in my opinion, it doesn’t get the praise it deserves. When I was younger and went trick or treating with my friends, I would trade all my dark and milk chocolate that I collected throughout the night for my friends’ white chocolate pretzels and Nestle bars. I think I was attracted to that irresistibly sweet buttery taste that milk chocolate has. It was a bit challenging for my project to find a good amount of relevant sources on white chocolate because, unfortunately, so many people don’t consider it chocolate.

Fortunately, I successfully created a timeline that shows facts and dates about the origins of white chocolate and different types of white Chocolate creations.  I will also be looking at the first companies that started making white chocolate and how white chocolate has spread in various ways and parts of the world. I will also discuss the important historical figures that made this sweet invention possible in my descriptions. I have devised a plan and research strategy to go to the Wooster database and other online databases and find reliable sources and facts related to my project. For the pictures in my project, I will be taking most of them from google and sourcing them as well. I believe this timeline will turn out victorious in the end, and I can’t wait to see where I go with it. White chocolate has a pretty cool history that I cant wait to share with you all. 

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